Spiritualise Magically Uplifting Bath and Body Oil 100ml

Spiritualise Magically Uplifting Bath and Body Oil 100ml


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Spiritualise Bath and Body Oil has a scent reminiscent of beautiful and exotic worlds, far away in place and time, where the history of essential oils began. Here, precious and treasured aromatic oils were used for meditation and ritual as well as to soften, moisturise and perfume the skin.

Whether you are luxuriating in a scented bath or intentionally anointing your skin with these delicious oils, Spiritualise not only helps to relax, open and elevate your mind but its ethereal scent is guaranteed to take you places…

Spiritualise Magically Uplifting Bath and Body Oil is handcrafted with a selection of the highest quality essential oils from around the world and offers you the opportunity to feel and smell great without the use of any toxic chemicals.

All our bath and body oils have luxurious and superior skin feel and absorb quickly, leaving skin feeling soft, supple and well moisturised.

This product comes to you in an amber glass bottle with pump dispenser for an easy, no mess, beautiful body oil experience.


Organic soybean oil, organic jojoba oil, shea nut oilrose maroc absoluteliquidambar, frankincensemandarin, cedarwood atlas, spruce black

Suggestions for use

Aromatic bath:  Add a teaspoon of bath and body oil to running bath water.  Hop in. Luxuriate. Fall asleep.  Read your book.  Tune out.

Moisturising body oil: This is a highly nutritious and moisturising oil that will benefit your skin and leave it lightly scented. Pour a little bath and body oil into the palm of your hand and massage into skin all over body avoiding face and genital areas.

Massage:  This body oil has excellent spreadability and absorbs easily – perfect for massage!

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