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Collection: Alison Waye

Alison Waye has a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design from AC Arts TAFE, Honours from Adelaide Central School of Art and a Graduate Diploma in Teaching (secondary) with a double major as a Visual Arts teacher. Her work explores the relationship between humans and the rest of the natural world. Predominantly an oil painter, Alison exhibits regularly and has been a finalist in several art prizes. She
currently has a studio at the collective arts space, The Collective Haunt in Norwood.


In considering the concept of this exhibition, I engaged with The Third Space as I painted the Lost Stories series. As an oil painter my practice focuses on representing the illusion of reality, and the relationship between mind and world. I am fascinated with the process of creating representations of my visual reality. By manipulating oil paint, I meditate on the subject, with patience and time I attempt to create narratives that speak of my personal emotional experience. In the words of Terance Mckenna (1990),

‘The artist goes into a world, unseen by others and returns to tell them of it.’

The Lost Stories series is a response to the mysteries of the oceans. The different objects have been a pleasure to paint, as I observed the variety of colours, textures, patterns, shapes, and the lives that are represented. These paintings conceptualize the sense of biodiversity of the seas and consider the human world and the different stories that are lost and the clues that are left behind.

Terance Mckenna, Lecture: Opening the Doors of Creativity, 1990, available:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7tEDQFi7Po, accessed: 25/5/21.

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  • Lost Stories #5 - Oil on board - Alison Waye
    Lost Stories #5 - Oil on board - Alison Waye
    Alison Waye
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