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Liz Wauchope has been painting and printing on silk, making exquisite garments and accessories since the early 1980’s. As she was born and raised in Alice Springs, her inspiration often comes from the shapes and colours of the Central Australian desert. She has also lived in many different parts of Australia, so her range of inspiration extends to the bright lights of cities such as Adelaide and Sydney, and the lush coastal regions.

She returned to Alice in 1998, and spent the next six years renewing her sense of belonging to that country. While she was there, she learnt a range of new skills, including graphic design, printmaking and ceramics. Many of her new works originate from her own photos, digitally manipulated in Adobe Photoshop. These images are then printed as four colour screen prints on paper, or as Giclee prints through a digital printer on fine etching papers. Each print is accompanied by a related set of slip cast ceramic vessels, as well as matching new designs and techniques on textiles. In December 2003, after 20 years away, Liz came back to live in Adelaide, and many of her new works reflect the coastal life at Grange beach.

These days Liz works with sewing expert Naina Devi, who constructs the bags, glasses cases and purses using Liz's silks. Liz and Naina also work together to design and make wonderful garments made from Liz's painted and printed fabrics, and from recycled ties and denim.

Liz has been a participant in over 50 exhibitions and shows since beginning her artistic career in the early 1980’s. 

Scroll down to view Lizzid Silk's creations. 

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