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Collection: Lyn Dickason

Born in Wales and growing up in South Africa then immigrating to South Australia eleven years ago, my life has been varied and interesting. I have always been interested in the creative arts but never able to study the subjects so have made my own way. Designed, built and painted stage sets for my children’s schools and for charity functions, my work was seen by the Southern Sun International Hotel Group and I was commissioned to do murals on canvas panels for them for some sixteen years. These consisted of some twenty five to fifty murals each year which were used for corporate functions. I also painted for a major bank. These works were all acrylics. Sculpting was an enjoyable hobby for many years but writing has taken its place and I have been lucky to have had two books published here.

Since coming to Australia I have run a writing group, painted some stage scenes for a school and murals for a church and a nursing home then a year ago joined the Mylor Art Group and started using oil paints. It’s a different challenge and I sometimes struggle to be more contained in my style as I found that acrylics gave me more freedom but I do enjoy working with oils.
I live in Mount Barker with my husband and have a daughter and her family living nearby and our two sons live with their families in Sydney. Our fur family consists of two large black dogs and a spoilt Siamese cat. We love living in Australia and enjoy the opportunities that are always on offer here.

The Third Space

After much thought I decided that to me a third space means the consideration of events, places, objects and thoughts and how we lose ourselves in the wonder of such things as we allow them to fill our minds. Sometimes such contemplation is purely thoughts about events we have experienced but it can also be the repetition in the mind of wonderment of something seen. This essentially means a reflection. Whether this is a reflection in a mirror or a pool of water, reflecting upon a beautiful scene or of a new beginning, the reflection of the colours that occur in nature or the reflection of the bareness of life during the pandemic each has its place in our consciousness and in the essence of life in all its forms.

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