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Collection: Paula Schetters

Paula Schetters has recently returned to her first love of art after a career spanning over 3 decades in the design, production, publication, and marketing of teacher resources for education. 

After completing year 12 at Unley High School, she attended the SA School of Art, at Stanley Street, North Adelaide and completed her Diploma of Design, Graphics, when it moved to the Underdale Campus.

Paula has had a range of experience in art including painting, illustration, calligraphy, lettering, jewellery-making and photography, always with a strength in design in her unique style which explores her love of colour and form in the natural environment.

She has attended a number of workshops with Atelier Crafers as well as events, workshops and exhibitions held by the Calligraphy Society of South Australia, Kuoni Creative, and the Marion Cultural Centre’s Gallery.

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