Sarah Modra

Drawing and sketching has always been a passion for Sarah Modra. After picking up a paintbrush and tackling a portrait for the first time last year, she knew she was hooked for life! As a barista at Atelier Crafers, Sarah’s passion for connecting with people helps her to understand her subjects and capture them in oil paint, acrylic and charcoal.

Sarah uses realism to tell her subject’s story, and abstract art to add emotion, so that the finished piece makes you feel first and think second.

Capturing someone’s character is the greatest challenge as an artist. So when I finish a portrait, step back and see their expression and personality looking back at me It’s magic! I love the depth of portraiture and find it the most rewarding.

It is so important to avoid accuracy being the primary focus in art, especially with the advancement of technology. We artists are not cameras! This is why figurative art is so intriguing. We are given an opportunity to play with and tweak reality, then lose ourselves in the result… The magic lies in the mystery, the elements which don’t make sense and the small parts which are far from perfect!

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