Collection: Shut Me Up, Shut Me Down - a SOLO Exhibition by Liana Vargas

About Liana Vargas


Liana Vargas is an Adelaide Hills-based figurative artist and instructor.

For her upcoming exhibition, Liana has explored ways in which she could produce paintings that bring to light the shameful and continued subjugation, silencing, and violence perpetrated against women and girls.

The challenge has been to find a way to bring the message across without painting images of battered faces and bodies. Her aim is to make these paintings beautiful to look at, but with the underlying message coming clearly through. The women and girls shown in these works are realistically painted, with the background and spatial elements reduced.

 My models are isolated. They are alone.

Liana has kept the image of a crucifix as a repeating compositional element. Literally, it is our ‘Cross to Bear’. In some of the paintings, the crucifix is clearly seen; in others, there is just a suggestion, but that cross is 'omnipresent,' all the same. Through these paintings, Liana hopes to show that someone is listening; that someone cares and understands.
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