Ziel Essence


Our professionally developed luxurious all natural skincare and aromatherapy range will compliment your lifestyle, while consciously improving your health and the effect you have on the planet, every single day! Together we will embark on a journey to empower you to heal from the inside out, and outside in. We will treat your body, clear your mind and heal your soul. Namaste.

Essentials oils are nature's pure essence. They are the direct essence of the plant, root bark, and flowers in which they are distilled from. Our essential oils are 100% pure. Each one of our synergy blends has been created with a purpose. Each blend will help to restore your health through the means of the purest forms of nature. Our oils are created, blended and poured by hand.

We select our essential oils based on their therapeutic benefits. Essential Oils are the passage way to open your senses to the world.

Aromatherapy is an integral part of our business. In fact, all of our products are created from the health benefits essential oils offer.

Ziel Essence all natural body scrubs are a wonderful addition to your beauty regime but more importantly they each offer health benefits tailored to meet your skin concerns.
Exfoliating your body 2-3 times a week rids the body of any dry, dull skin by removing dead skin cells from the surface of the epidermis. Removing these dead skin cells helps to promote new skin cell growth leaving you with healthier, smoother and younger looking skin.

In our scrubs we choose to use 100% pure essential oils for both their scent, but more importantly their therapeutic health benefits. 

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