Bright Orange Leather Toddler Shoes with Rainbow Stitching

Bright Orange Leather Toddler Shoes with Rainbow Stitching


Leather toddler shoes in bright orange leather . Sturdy and lightweight, perfect for all seasons. These are barefoot feel shoes that are shaped like the feet - the ultimate shoe for those first steps.

Sizes available are:

Newborn - 10.2cm (4”) 

Medium – 13cm (5.1”) approx 9-15 months

Large + 14.5cm/5.7" for approx 18 - 24 months. 

Every pair of Anomaly shoes is hand cut & crafted with great love and care in the Adelaide Hills, with the help of a trusty 1920's Singer hand crank machine. Created with the FootFormDifference™ - shoes with a distinct left and right, created to flow with the foot and allow for truly natural development of the feet. These babies are as close to barefoot as it gets. Stitched with industrial strength bonded nylon thread, they will stand the test of time!  

Measure baby's feet from heel to the longest toe (standing is best) and then add at least 1cm/0.4” to allow for wiggle & growing room. 

Size guide - Measurements are from the outside of the shoe:
NB – 10.2cm (4”) Newborn
XS - 11cm (4.3") approx 0-6 months
S – 12cm (4.7”) approx 3-9 months
M – 13cm (5.1”) approx 9-15 months
L – 14cm (5.6”) approx 15-21 months 
L + 14.5cm (5.7") approx 18-24 months
XL – 15.2cm (6”) approx 21-27 months
XXL – 16.5cm (6.5”) approx 2+ years

Unsure which size? The smaller size will give you a cosier immediate fit, the larger will last longer as there’s more room for growth. 15mm is the maximum I recommend adding for walkers - any more and the shoe may be too large to walk in ergonomically.


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