Portrait Drawing for Beginners with Liana Vargas, January 8 & 15, 10am -4pm

Portrait Drawing for Beginners with Liana Vargas, January 8 & 15, 10am -4pm


Portrait Drawing for Beginners with Liana Vargas, January 8 & 15, 10am -4pm

Hosted by Atelier Crafers, 1 Cox Place, Crafers

Wednesday January 8 & 15, 10am -4pm

A 2 day workshop, with lunch and beverages available to purchase from our cafe.

This two day workshop is for people who wish to learn the principles of realistic portrait drawing through a step-by-step, easily attainable and progressive method that eases each student toward masterful drawing.

Liana will break down the figure drawing process and introduces time-tested principles and techniques in the Atelier tradition that are easily accessible.
Ateliers have produced the greatest artists of all time--and now that educational model is experiencing a renaissance the Atelier process of progressive learning is much sought after.
Day 1: Morning session drawing from an image of segregated face features.
Learn About Sight-Size and Comparative Measurement:
Using supplied images, Liana will explain Sight-Size and Comparative Measurement techniques used in classic Ateliers around the world.
All drawing from life involves comparison. When in Sight-Size that comparison is direct. When scaling via Comparative Measurement the comparison is indirect. Both skills are important for you to learn but it does matter in which order you learn them.

Of course the higher goal for any draftsperson is to learn to use their naked eye for drawing. The trouble is that your eye also suffers from a bad case of cognitive bias (if you drew it, it must be correct!). In fact, much of learning to see is really about mitigating that bias.
Sight-Size First
When the space is such that Sight-Size is possible, Sight-Size is always first. Only after the student demonstrates skill in the rudiments of seeing do I begin to incorporate scaling. On the whole it’s not an either/or proposition. Rather, it’s a question of order.

Day 2: Morning session drawing from images of the full head
We will practice drawing a full face/head from the images above (used in professional Ateliers world wide) using a variety of materials that produce interesting and different results
Drawing from a life model
On the 2nd day of this two day workshop Liana will introduce you to drawing the classical portrait in pencil and charcoal from a LIFE MODEL. Covering all of the technical and aesthetic aspects of portrait drawing to achieve a likeness of the model and ways to capture expression.
Day 2: Afternoon drawing from a life model
Day 2: Afternoon drawing from a life model
During this time you will be shown some fundamentals of portrait drawing starting with the technical attributes of drawing the face and head, and then exploration of the more expressive qualities of this human subject.

Having the opportunity to put your learning into practise by drawing a model from life is certainly a great and challenging process which Liana will ease you into gently and patiently.

You will be surprised at what you can achieve!
*We will use graphite pencils and charcoal during this process.
All drawing materials that you will need are supplied for you as well as our Life Model during the afternoon of the second day.
Terms and conditions: Full payment at time of booking is essential. Fees are non refundable unless classes are cancelled by the tutor for reasons of minimum numbers not being met, or other reason provided. Check costs at time of booking as they are subject to change without notice. Materials are not included unless stated. Classes will be cancelled if a catstophic fire waring has been issued.


Where can I park?

Atelier Crafers is on Cox Place, Crafers – directly behind the BP service station on Main Street.

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Where can I buy coffee and food?

We have a full café that will be available before, during and after your workshop.

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