Our Quintessential Adelaide Hills

​Announcing a new, annual exhibition featuring art inspired by the Adelaide Hills. The exhibition will be opened by Penny Griggs, Chief Executive Officer of the Adelaide Central School of Art.

This is a curated exhibition with an array of award-winning South Australian artists taking part. Their works will express what is quintessential about the Adelaide Hills to them and what they love about this fabulous, valuable piece of our state.

Our 20 contributing artists are: Rod Bax; Joel Plevin; Doug Howells (artist of the featured work in the banner); Alan Ramachandran; Paul Whitehead; Brooke Walker; Caroline Johnson; Cristina Metelli; Rodney Kirk; Norma Mansell; Sarah Modra; Robin Hicks; Marek Herburt; Sue Mysiszczew; Julia Wakefield; Erica McNicol; Sally Kunze; Tracey Vale, Jessica Patrick and Penny McLaren.

Opening Night is Saturday, November 23, 7-8.30pm

Artist Demonstrations: to be announced.

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