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Be Not Afraid - Ceramic and mixed media assemblage  by Suzi Windram

Be Not Afraid - Ceramic and mixed media assemblage by Suzi Windram

Suzi Windram
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Be Not Afraid - Ceramic and mixed media assemblage  by Suzi Windram

50cm x15cm x 7cm


Suzi has worked as a ceramist and mixed media artist for the past 25 years. Her small scale ceramic sculptures are mixed media assemblages, incorporating found objects, bone, shell, horse hair, synthetic and natural fibre and resins.


These individual exhibition pieces reflect her deep interest in art as a basis for exploring myth and mystery through the medium of clay and mixed media. In this work she is less interested in the formal pursuit of technique than in exploring the capability of clay to communicate the complexity of human experience.


Fused glass was an obvious extension to her repertoire and, working in collaboration with Lynn Elzinga-Henry and Anni Luur Fox, commissions for large scale glass and ceramic pieces have been undertaken. These include major installations for the Royal Adelaide Hospital, The Women’s and Children’s Hospital and the Piazza Della Vale in McLaren Vale.