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Bird of Paradise - Limited edition archival quality giclée print-Homewares-Atelier Crafers

Bird of Paradise - Limited edition archival quality giclée print

Jessica patrick
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Bird of Paradise - limited edition (4/50) archival quality giclée print on 250gsm cotton paper

40 x 30cm

Framed and ready to hang


The black-billed sicklebill is one of the 39 species of bird-of-paradise native to Papua New Guinea. They are the dancers of the Animal Kingdom, performing elaborate moves to attract a mate. These dances are not a matter of pure animal instinct; they are learned through observation and practice, with young males refining their moves as they get older.

Dance and feathers play a central role in the cultural expression of the Dani people of Western Papua. There are only two words in the Dani language to describe colour: "mili" meaning light, and "mola" meaning dark, so this brightly plumaged bird was fittingly reduced to black and white linework.