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Small Coptic Bound Journal - Handcrafted - Robyn Higgins

Small Coptic Bound Journal - Handcrafted - Robyn Higgins

Mary Myrtle
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Small Coptic Bound Journal - handcrafted using linen thread - 60 pages of 110gsm paper

Ochre and white material cover.

15cm x 9xm

Hand crafted by Mary Myrtle


Originally the coptic binding process was used by early Christians in Egypt some 2000 years ago and hence its name. A coptic stitch style binding (also often referred to as a Chain Stitch binding) is one that doesn’t use any glues and where the signature stitchings are generally exposed or left completely open thus allowing flexibility without sacrificing strength.

Coptic stitched books generally allow the book to be opened up flat without weakening the spine or signatures. Modern glue based binding techniques are often prone to damage when opened flat and weaken with use, much quicker than books that are sewn in a coptic style fashion.

Because the signature designs are normally left exposed on a chain stitch binding, many book binders decide to inject their own personal flare into the spine designs which can result in some very attractive looking books. People will often follow this style of binding for use on their journals or art sketch books.