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Essential Oil Chakra Kit-Bath & Body-Atelier Crafers

Essential Oil Chakra Kit

Carol Asher
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The kit consists of 7 individual blends of precious essential oils of 2.7ml each. These are specially formulated to cleanse, heal, balance and expand each Chakra and the Chakra system as a whole.

These Chakra oils are so pure, undiluted and potent that we need use only one drop on each Chakra point.

Full instructions with advice for various uses, plus affirmations, come with the kit.


Connecting and balancing your Chakra system

The Chakras are rotating vortices of subtle energy which helps connect our bodymind with the higher realms of existence (the Prana life force).

They function like step-down ‘energy transformers’ which bring in the Prana subtle energies from the higher planes of consciousness to connect with 7 key energy Chakra points in the body.

Each Chakra corresponds with a specific endocrine gland in the body and governs a particular region of our bodymind.

If the Chakra is blocked or interfered with, then mental, emotional and physical imbalances may result.

Balancing these energies can promote mental, physical and spiritual ‘health’ – and the Essential Chakra Oil Kit helps open your Chakra points to begin that process.

Recommended for daily use.

Since the Chakra Kit was developed in 1996, thousands of people have tried and continue to use the kit. The loyalty and praise for this product is outstanding – best shown in the volume of re-orders.

Why? This kit has gained momentum in its ability to open, cleanse, heal, expand and illuminate our chakras – the key to our energy system and spiritual growth.

The formula for the kit’s oils was given to its creator, Carol Asher, by divine guidance more than 12 years ago and since then its energetic properties have seemed to grow .

In March 2004 the kit’s powers were formally acknowledged by being blessed by one of India’s leading Avatars* and since then its spiritual powers have stepped up even more! People have reported back that the oils have ‘changed’ in potency and in frequency.

Carol says of the kit:

“This is one product that is a must for any spiritual practice or healing program and our general wellbeing. …I honestly believe that it is the best on the market.”

*(Avatar – a divine spiritual leader who it is believed takes human form to teach spiritual seekers the path to God and Enlightenment)