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Flower Essences-Bath & Body-Atelier Crafers
Flower Essences-Bath & Body-Atelier Crafers

Flower Essences

Carol Asher
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One Heart Flower Essences are Magdalene infused flower essences from the Languedoc region South of France.

The Languedoc region is still pristine and uncontaminated producing the most beautiful and healthy flora, but more importantly, this is the region where Mary Magdalene lived and shared her healing wisdom after she fled Palestine. Her consciousness and blessings are infused in all the essences.

Our experience shows us that this flower essence system is one of the best available on the planet today for its ability to help with the current issues facing mankind in the 21st century. The focused intent of this flower essence system is to heal our past wounds, release pain and erroneous concepts as part of our journey to health, balance, wellbeing and growth in consciousness.

These specially prepared formulas each contain up to 12 different flower essences, working together in harmony to bring about optimal results.
Flowers to the rescue
This is a blend of 10 One Heart Flower Essences for the purpose of instant re-balance and restoration of Calm, Clarity & Peace. It helps alleviate fears, anxieties, physical , emotional and mental stress & trauma, and helps manage pain. It is great for fear of flying, panic attacks, etc. Use liberally and often until balance is restored.

All Heart
A special blend to support the healing of wounds, and the nourishment of all emotions associated with the heart. Helps to open the heart and revitalise it. Helps to attract love, care & kindness to us. Helps us heal painful relationships and enjoy life again.
Brain Power
Helps to focus and concentrate. Supports study or work for long hours at a time. Helps creativity and being solution oriented. Clears confusion & keeps the mind alert, bright & focused. An all round brain booster.
Cleanse & Detox
An invaluable aid when undergoing a cleansing & release program. Supports all healing processes - body work, emotional work, counselling
Energy Boost
Supports the physical body, gives extra vitality when tired, run down or stressed. Strengthens the Chi -Prana in the body. Supports recovery processes from physical illnesses. Good to use before & after strenuous physical activity & sports activities.
I am Woman
For balancing & strengthening the feminine energies within. Good for sexually developing teenagers. Helps with PMS, menopause and any hormonal imbalances. Also supports Goddess work & consciousness development where women are discovering their own Divine Feminine gifts and powers.
Happy Pet
Created due to popular request from animal lovers. A remedy to support any animal that is stressed, anxious, nervous , hyperactive or traumatised.
Good to use when travelling with your pet, changing houses or environments, illness, pre & post surgery or if any disturbed behaviour is displayed. 

Flower essences are completely safe and natural. They are free from side effects and adjust to the needs of the individual taking them. It is not possible to overdose or injure when recommending them.
If an inappropriate remedy is chosen, it simply will not work and will do no harm. Adults and children, as well as animals and plants can use Flower Essences for great benefit.