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Meloncholia - oil on polycotton by Liana Vargas-Art Gallery-Atelier Crafers

Meloncholia - oil on polycotton by Liana Vargas

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In the early stages of making paintings for this exhibition I fell into a profound sadness. I despaired at my meagre attempts at creating the work and I couldn’t shake the melancholic mood that had descended on me.

For sure the desperately personal and painful subject I had chosen to work with was bringing me down as old wounds and memories surfaced.

To find inspiration and to divert my thoughts I searched through my flamenco dance photos.

When I came across a version of this image, I began the process of drawing up on the first canvas.

The feel, the mood, the ’melancholy’ made me think of Spanish Poet Federico Garcia Lorca and etchings by Francisco Goya and that seemed a good place to start.



76cm x 61cm

Oil on Polycotton


Price: $2000