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Mystic Topaz and Sterling Silver Ring - Silver Rose Jewellery

Silver Rose Jewellery
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The colours and clarity of these Mystic Topaz Rings are mesmerising.

Mystic Topaz has the meaning and properties that are believed to increase vitality. This gemstone can revive declining energy. It's good to use when you want the power to take actions or make things happen is required.

Mystic Topaz is actually an enhanced, however still real, Topaz gemstone. White Topaz is coated with a layer of Titanium on the pavilion to create these wonderful colours. It is only microns thick, and only coats the pavilion or base of the stone (never the top or the table).
The result is a multi-colour effect that’s breathtaking and surreal.

Available in size L (6), O (7.5), P (8), Q (8.5)