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'Nibbler the Rainbow Lorikeet' 100 page A6 Notebook with kraft paper-Stationery-Atelier Crafers

'Nibbler the Rainbow Lorikeet' 100 page A6 Notebook with kraft paper

Zinia King
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'Nibbler the Rainbow Lorikeet' 100 page A6 Notebook with kraft paper
It's easy to take our beautiful rainbow lorikeets for granted, they are part of our day to day life in the Adelaide Hills. I am reminded of their magnificence by visitors to the country who marvel over these stunningly coloured birds that the locals don't seem to see. Here is an ode to rainbow lorikeets and the colour they add to the landscape!

Every spiral-bound notebook has 100 pages which means that it lasts a long time (mine usually last 3 or so months of every day use). Being so thick, they act as their own ‘table’, so it’s easy to sketch on the go without having to awkwardly lean on you knee or a wall. The paper is also thick enough that you can write/draw on both sides of a sheet which means that you effectively have 200 sheets to play with.

These notebooks are beautifully printed and made in the Adelaide Hills using GOTS certified sustainably sourced kraft paper. The paper is unbleached and brown in colour which makes the notebooks quite unique and means that you can have fun experimenting with different coloured pens/pencils including white. The detailed artwork on the front will hopefully inspire you to be more creative to get out into nature.
These notebooks are the perfect size to fit in your coat pocket or small bag. Perhaps the next time you are scrolling mindlessly on your phone, you could impress everyone around you by whipping out your notebook and writing a poem or drawing a picture! I’ve found that the small size is also just perfect for little hands and will give the child in your life the opportunity to be creative wherever you might be!