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Orange and Gold Chiyogami Paper Earrings-Jewellery-Atelier Crafers

Orange and Gold Chiyogami Paper Earrings

Atelier crafers
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Chiyogami paper earrings

This beautiful pair of Chiyogami paper earrings feature a soft pattern of peach with gold flecks.

These earrings are made of glass and Japanese silk-screened Chiyogami paper, also known as Yuzen.

Many of the images depicted are symbolic: cranes for long life; bamboo for flexibility; plum blossoms and pine boughs for beauty and longevity.

The word Chiyogami comes from the roots chiyo (thousand generation) and gami (paper). Chiyogami is Washi paper that has been hand stenciled or printed with traditional Japanese imagery using bright colors and patterns. Appearing during the Edo period, Chiyogami was traditionally used to craft paper object especially dolls. It gained tremendous popularity among origami fans because it offered a great visual presences and was less costly then some of the other Washi papers at the time.

These chiyogami paper earrings are very light and easy to wear, measuring 20mm x 12mm they hang from a sterling silver hook.  The glass tile is 4mm thick giving a rich magnified look to the traditional Japanese paper. They make great gifts!

Though all my earrings are sealed with a sealant to protect them from stain and damage, they are still made with paper. Please remove the jewelry before swimming, bathing, etc.