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Painting from Photographs with Ryan Waters - Tuesday, February 16, to April 6, 2 to 5pm

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Painting from Photographs with Ryan Waters

Tuesday, February 16, to April 6, 2 to 5pm

Atelier Crafers, 1 Cox Place, Crafers

$560, for eight weeks, on Tuesday, February 16, to April 6, 2 to 5pm. Lunch and beverages are available to order from our cafe. Only 6 places available in our spacious studio.
Hosted by Ryan Waters, BVA (Hons.), Adv. Diploma of Screen, Diploma of Applied Design.
Skill Level: Intermediate. Students must have basic levels of painting and drawing.
Student Learning Outcomes: Over the course students will learn:
- Strategies for creating and drawing up compositions from photographs
- Colour mixing, colour recognition and palette selection
- Various painting processes from start to finish
- General information on various grounds, mediums and paints
Materials Needed:
General Painting Kit
- Paints, brushes, disposable or portable palette, palette knife, odourless solvent with sealable container, paper towel, cotton rags, earth tone pencil or another low key colour pencil
- Reference material (Photograph, digital images, can be collaged together manually
or through a digital imaging program e.g. Adobe Photoshop, Gimp (which is free)). These references can be any genre and for learning outcomes copyright isn’t a factor.
The reference material needs to be of a high enough quality that it can be printed to either A3 or A4 without significant blurring and if possible laminated for colour mixing comparison.
- For a ground, I recommend something between A3 and A4 In size for this time frame (canvas, wooden board, canvas board or paper, linen, etc.) this can be pre-prepared with a coloured ground if the student chooses to do so.
The Process:
- Week One – Introductions, talk about what is going to happen throughout the course, go through with each student what they are going to paint and reference materials, start drawing up and strategies to begin painting. Have various reference materials to show the different stages and demonstrate where needed. Mixing colour task: students will mix colours using a variety of colours to explore accuracy
and to learn how various colours work together in preparation for their own paintings.
- Week Two – Week two will begin with a series of quick paintings, from a reference that I give the students they will do a 5, 10 and 15 minute painting. This is a way for the students to loosen up and go into their own paintings being more relaxed and
confident. Then students will begin work on their paintings.
- Week Three – Follow up on everyone’s progress. Demonstrate different painting
techniques, e.g. wet on wet, scumbling and wiping back. Assist students through
their paintings.
- Week Four through to Final Week – Work on paintings each week and respond to class with tuition as needed.

Terms and conditions: 

Full payment at time of booking is essential. Fees are non refundable unless classes are cancelled by the tutor for reasons of minimum numbers not being met, or other reason provided. Check costs at time of booking as they are subject to change without notice. Materials are not included unless stated. Classes will be cancelled if a catastrophic fire warning has been issued.


Where can I park?

Atelier Crafers is on Cox Place, Crafers – directly behind the BP service station on Main Street.

Parking is available at the tennis courts on Sharrod Court at the rear of Atelier Crafers and on the kerb opposite Atelier Crafers. We ask that you do not park in the car parks designated as private or in other people’s driveways.

An accessible parking space is available at the front of Atelier Crafers for those who have a disabled parking permit.

Bus routes run up the freeway regularly to the Crafers park n ride and the Main Street of Crafers.

Where can I buy coffee and food?

We have a full café that will be available before, during and after your workshop.


Please contact us on 83396590 for any other questions