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Peridot Sterling Silver Studs - Silver Rose Jewellery

Peridot Sterling Silver Studs - Silver Rose Jewellery

Silver Rose Jewellery
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Subtle enough for everyday, but with more than enough sparkle to carry you through an evening or special occasion, these gorgeous green Peridot earrings will bring a beautiful twinkle to any outfit.

Featuring top quality, near flawless, genuine untreated, peridot stones in a faceted round cut with vibrant green colouring. Set in sterling silver. 

Often called the 'evening emerald', peridot is the national gem of Egypt, and jewellery historians now believe that the emeralds Cleopatra was famous for wearing, were not actually emeralds after all, but rather peridot stones from Egypt.

Peridot is the birthstone for the month of August, and is said to be a stone of compassion - bringing good health, restful sleep and peace. It has a warm, friendly appearance, somehow, and can bring delight and good cheer. It is said to be a very powerful healing stone, as well as a protective, good luck talisman.

3mm Peridot set in sterling silver with butterfly backing.