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Slow release fertiliser - recycled coffee - Fertigrind
Slow release fertiliser - recycled coffee - Fertigrind

Slow release fertiliser - recycled coffee - Fertigrind

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Indoor Plant Fertiliser

Sustainable organic fertiliser, made from microbially engineered coffee ground waste. Elevate your indoor gardening game by turning Bean to Green, giving our planet & plants the best ‘shot’ to thrive.

Puck Pellets are a 100% organic, microbially engineered indoor plant fertiliser made from 50% recycled coffee grounds. Formulated to achieve optimal nutrient efficiency for all indoor plants, harnessing the natural properties of coffee grounds. Reduce your carbon footprint while strengthening your plant’s immunity, keeping your plants resilient and vibrant all year round!

Proudly made in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia.


  • 100% Organic & Recycled Material
  • Foliage Greener & Health Booster
  • Scientifically Formulated
  • Carbon Footprint Reducing 
  • Long Lasting
  • Safe on all Plants
  • Pet Friendly 
  • Supporting Eco Charity
  • Minimal Odour 

How to Use:

Add Puck Pellets to Pots & Planters every two months or combine with soil when potting.

38 grams per 10 Litre vessel = 19g in 1x Tbsp

Step 1.
Fill bottle cap to the inner portion of the lid level (Inner centre circular part of lid) 1⁄2 Tbsp lid for small pots (<10cm Dia)
1 Tbsp lid for medium pots (15cm > 20cm Dia)
2 Tbsp lids for large pots (25cm > 35cm Dia)
3 Tbsp lids for extra large pots (>40cm Dia) Scatter pellets over topsoil away from the plant’s base.

Step 2.
Use the bottle cap or spoon to loosen soil and press pellets into topsoil partially covering.

Step 3.
Thoroughly water your plants to ensure all pellets are drenched and begin to release nutrients.

Step 4.
Over 2 months, the pellets will break down to green foliage nourish and biologically diversify your plant’s soil, ready to re-apply.

For Propagation & Hydro: Add ½ tbsp (small vessels) 2 tbsp (hydro systems) of pellets to water. Aim to change water and puck pellets every 2 weeks.

For Soilless Media: Combine 1-2 tbsp per 100g of perlite, leca, moss etc within your substrate. Top up with 1-2 tbsp every 2 weeks. Aim to change water and puck pellets every 1-2 months.