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Stigma Stigmata - Oil on canvas - Liana Vargas-Art Gallery-Atelier Crafers

Stigma Stigmata - Oil on canvas - Liana Vargas

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Her paint-stained hands are Stigmata, in this case it is a play on the word ‘Stigma’.


The stigma of domestic violence is so much a part of why its victims stay quiet. There is a distasteful resonance to this subject that sits painfully in the mind of the abused, we see it in the media’s reporting and we feel it from societies reaction to it. 


Yet, she lifts herself up every day. She ascends. She paints to honour her fallen comrades and to create her own path - alone! 


Model: Tiziana


Stigma Stigmata, 2020

Oil on Canvas

76 x 152cm



A2 high quality photographic signed print also available $450