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Vegan Deodorant - Coconut & Ylang Ylang-Bath & Body-Atelier Crafers

Vegan Deodorant - Coconut & Ylang Ylang

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We’re introducing a natural way to prepare your body for a workout. Be prepared to Sweat with our Vegan Deodorant!

Now, a good natural vegan deodorant seems like a myth to many, but if you are looking to slowly introduce natural products into your healthy lifestyle and decide that antiperspirants are no longer for you, be prepared to endure the subsequent detox period that follows! Yep!

There is a transitional period when integrating a natural deodorant into your regimen. For a short period of time, you may find yourself perspiring more than usual. This is your body releasing any built up toxins. After this time, your body will stabilise and you will perspire less.

You will sweat: The theory goes that once your sweat glands are freed of aluminium, they may release fluids previously blocked antiperspirants, causing an increase in moisture.

There maybe odor: The idea here is that the flushing of the system and increased apocrine sweat gland activity results in increased moisture and sweat which undesirably interacts with odor-causing bacteria.

Sensitivity: With a hypothetical increase in bacteria and backup being released via the lymphatic system, it may be that some individuals experience increased sensitivity or tenderness as the body filters out undesired materials.

If you do experience an adjustment period, remember that this is a positive experience for your body. Switching to a natural deodorant can sometimes feel like a process, but the end result—once your body has made it through the transition—is a “better safe than sorry” alternative.