Bianca Smith

Bianca Smith is a graphic designer and an artist with a passion for combining art and design in complementing mediums. She loves drawing in pastel and has spent time, over the past 15 years, developing her skills with formal training from Adelaide Central School of Art, as well as experienced artists.

Bianca has participated in several group exhibitions. She was awarded an artist residency with Aus Fashion Labels and has been a finalist in the Emma Hack Art Prize.

Bianca is driven by her love of art and the need to convey a message or invoke an emotion.

My art work always addresses the empowerment of women. I take inspiration from the novels that I read featuring female heroines as well as the inspiring women that I meet. My use of dramatic light and beautiful models assists in portraying the strength and resilience of women.

My recent body of work is aimed at young people and the resilience they require in an ever-changing digital landscape. I wanted to produce works associated with crystals and their meaning to give youth something they could identify with, that would inspire and protect their thoughts from the outside world. The artwork on their wall brightens their world with positive reinforced messages and they can carry those ideas with them in the crystal jewellery.

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