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Clove Blossom Soy Candle in recycled glass
Clove Blossom Soy Candle in recycled glass

Clove Blossom Soy Candle in recycled glass

Ruth Oliver
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This soy candle in a recycled glass is hand filled with quality eco soy wax which is scented with the delicious perfume of Maruo Clove Blossom. The fragrance lasts for the entire burn and the vessel can be re-used after use by washing in warm soapy water. This candle will burn for approximately 30-35 hours.

Candles have a memory. The first time you light the candle allow it to burn for 1-2 hours. Making sure the entire top pools all the way across. When doing this the wax will burn cleanly down the sides of the glass. This prevents tunnelling which can flood the wick, preventing it from re-lighting. 

Soy candles are healthier for the environment and your beautiful lungs because they burn clean.

1.     Soy wax is a completely natural and renewable resource

2.     Non-toxic - Burns clean

3.     It releases fragrance naturally and for longer 

4.     Soy wax candles actually last for 25 - 50 % longer than paraffin candles, making them more economical.



Clove Fragrance Oil is a strong-scented clove aroma with hints of other spices, such as cinnamon and ginger.