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Let the Singing Begin - Paperback- A children's book

Let the Singing Begin - Paperback- A children's book

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Written by Mike and Linda Dumbleton and illustrated by Mandy Foot. 

Fairy Wrens know exactly when to begin singing, and it’s sooner than you think!

In this beautifully illustrated story, a fairy wren lovingly builds a nest, lays her eggs and starts to sing a unique song. She sings the song over and over as she sits on her eggs. When the chicks hatch, their eyes are still closed and they have no feathers. But they can already sing for their food. And the song that they sing is the song their mother has been singing to them before they were even born.

This charming story is a great introduction to a beloved bird and will spark conversations about preparing for a baby and the songs we sing together.

  • ISBN: 9780645401417 Paperback

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