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Norwegian Sterling Silver Spoon Ring (1930)
Norwegian Sterling Silver Spoon Ring (1930)

Norwegian Sterling Silver Spoon Ring (1930) - size O - Silver Rose Jewellery

Silver Rose Jewellery
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Norwegian Sterling Silver Spoon Ring (1930)


Take a look at this remarkable Sterling Silver Spoon Ring, expertly crafted from a vintage Norwegian 830S spoon that dates all the way back to 1930. This ring is more than just a piece of jewelry; it's a beautiful combination of history, skill, and fashion all wrapped up in one charming accessory! It's an Australian Size O (USA 7.5) and is engraved with 'B' and 1930 on the inside.

Silver Rose has transformed this vintage spoon into something truly enchanting. She's preserved the original engravings, adding a touch of nostalgia and individuality to each and every ring. It's clear to see the care and passion put into making this piece.

Wearing this Sterling Silver Spoon Ring feels like wearing a piece of history on your finger, and it's sure to spark interesting conversations. Whether you wear it as a bold statement or a daily go-to piece, it's comfortable and stylish, making it a treasured addition to your jewellery


Spoon rings originated in 17th century England. In those days, flatware was highly prized as it was made from solid silver and high stylized and decorated in an heirloom manner. Popular lore explains that servants, unable to afford to buy 'proper' engagement rings would steal a flatware piece from their master's home. They would shape it into a ring and give it to their beloved for a marriage proposal. Thus, the earliest spoon rings served as symbols of love and commitment, in defiance of strict social and economic barriers.