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Royal Danish Spoon Ring

Royal Danish Spoon Ring - Size S - Silver Rose Jewellery

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Royal Danish Spoon Ring (1939)


The Royal Danish pattern, introduced in 1939 by the International Sterling Co., showcases a unique blend of fluted columns, bold lines, and symmetrical design. Despite its delicate appearance, this ring commands attention with its tiny eyelet cutout at the top of the spire. Crafted from a demitasse spoon, the handle curls around the bowl to create a striking piece. Inside, you'll find the label "U.S.A, Royal Danish, International Sterling." This isn't a reproduction - it's an authentic and original piece. This Australian size S (USA size 9.5) ring is the perfect modern gift for a 5th wedding anniversary, combining both flatware and "round ware" elements.


Spoon rings originated in 17th century England. In those days, flatware was highly prized as it was made from solid silver and high stylized and decorated in an heirloom manner. Popular lore explains that servants, unable to afford to buy 'proper' engagement rings would steal a flatware piece from their master's home. They would shape it into a ring and give it to their beloved for a marriage proposal. Thus, the earliest spoon rings served as symbols of love and commitment, in defiance of strict social and economic barriers.