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DE-STRESS ME AROMATHERAPY BLEND - Ziel Essence-Bath & Body-Atelier Crafers


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De-Stress Me is a wonderful blend to help relieve health concerns related to anxiety, stress and depression. It will help to calm and ease the mind and nerves.  Offering relief from uncertainty and allowing you to rationalise your thoughts, while focusing on calm and slow breathing.

This combination of oils all have relaxing qualities and some have sedative. If you are feeling overly lethargic and fatigued then we recommend you choose our Relax Me blend. This has a more uplifting citrus note with more rejuvenating qualities. However if you are feeling stressed and highly strung then this is the perfect blend to help relieve these symptoms.

Excellent to use in conjunction with meditation. Always remember to take active steps in helping to reduce levels of stress. A short walk, yoga, and creative activities all work to help reduce symptoms. Massage is also an excellent way to help reduce stress and relieve symptoms. You can add this blend to carrier oil for use at home.