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Natural Perfume - Weaver of Dreams - The Perfume Rebel-Bath & Body-Atelier Crafers

Natural Perfume - Weaver of Dreams

The Perfume Rebel
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Sophisticated, decadent and unique this intoxicating floral perfume is deliciously boozy with streaks of whisky like liquid gold running through it. Warm, spicy undertones complete a scent that might tempt you to play up a bit – in a most glamorous way of course! If you own diamonds, wear them.  This natural perfume is ideally suited, but not limited to, events where elegance and decadence is inspired….

Weaver of Dreams is a natural perfume oil, made using a selection of the highest quality botanical ingredients from around the world and poured by hand. Our natural perfumes offer you an alternative to mainstream chemical fragrances and each bottle is full of irresistible all natural allure with no toxic nasties. When you wear one of our natural perfume oils you are directly interacting with the essence of plants and trees. Of nature. This gives you a beautiful and seamless perfume experience, with an intimacy about it that will never be achieved with the use of synthetics.


jojoba, michelia champaca, ylang ylang, buddhawood, ginger, coriander, amyris, tocopherol.